Wildfire V3 any help please


So. Codebender is no more. and there does not seem to be any board support for wildfire in the Arduino IDE. is it possible to use a wildfire v3 at this point? (Note. this was a new purchase I made today from the local MicroCenter)


Hi @Marvin_Francois_Fath, it’s a tragedy about Code Bender :frowning:.There actually is a board support package for Arduino IDE that should work fine though. The Boards Manager URL is: http://update.wickeddevice.com/package_WildFireBSP-4.0.0_index.json. For WildFire v3 you should use http://update.wickeddevice.com/package_airqualityegg-2.0.8_index.json. Please can you try that and let me know if it works for you?

P.S. I’ve just updated the wildfire.wickeddevice.com website to include that Boards Manager URL as well.


Thank you. I’ll try this tonight after I get home.


Hi I just purchased a wildfire v3 from Microcenter but I cannot seem to get the ip address of the unit when I boot it. I used putty and the TI app but I do not see the message Welcome to Widlfire" when I plug the wildfire into usb com3 on my laptop. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @rjvtech2, FYI the most recent (and currently supported) version of WildFire is v4, which uses an ESP8266 module rather than a CC3000 module (which Texas Instruments has discontinued). At any rate, if you’re not seeing the Welcome message on the console there are only a handful of reasons possible.

  1. The demo program isn’t loaded on the device for some reason.
  2. You haven’t designated the correct COM port in your Serial Terminal (i.e. PuTTY).
  3. You haven’t designated the correct baud rate in your Serial Terminal (i.e. PuTTY).

The docs for WildFire v3 can still be found here: http://shop.wickeddevice.com/resources/wildfire-v2v3/

For Arduino board support, I believe the most recent Boards Manager URL that I would recommend for v3 WildFire is to use http://update.wickeddevice.com/package_airqualityegg-2.0.8_index.json. That should give you WildFire options in the Boards menu.

Hope that helps!