Wildfire v.2 strange behavior


I have a brand new wildfire v.2 board, which I bought new and for various reasons just got around to using it. So far it only runs the “buildtest.ino” in IDE 1.6.13 past the MAC address print and restarts - same with other sketches - never connects but gives no errors - just stops executing and restarts:
Hello, CC3000!

RX Buffer : 512 bytes
TX Buffer : 512 bytes

Initialising the CC3000 …
Firmware V. : 1.19
MAC Address : 0x08 0x00 0x28 0x57 0x5A 0x34

Deleting old connection profiles

Attempting to connect to FiOS-FO85F-5G
Hello, CC3000!
etc etc etc

It is set up on a serial port as a "wildfire v.2[stk500] definition. It apparently needs many updates taking much time. Would it be smarter/easier just to get a new v.4 and forget this one?


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Yes, we stopped shipping CC3000-based WildFire units for over a year at least, in favor of our new ESP8266-based version. TI discontinued the CC3000 module. The v.2 is still a very capable Arduino-compatible board with the ATmega1284P, but if you want the Wi-Fi functionality, I would recommend updating to a v4 WildFire, I’ve been very happy with it.


Thanks! Sure sounds like the better way to go!