Wicked Devices Wild Fire V3.1


I bought this at MicroCenter about 2 years ago. It has been on the shelf since. I want to play around with it but have no documentation at all. Where can i get the sample sketch that is supposed to be preloaded as well as instructions on how to set it up on wifi?


Everything you could ever hope for is available from wildfire.wickeddevice.com :-). Let us know if you have any more specific questions.


I spent upwards of an hour on your website this morning, and I can’t find any of the things that I’m looking for. There’s tons of information about the version for, but I can’t find the original Preloaded sketch, other than on github, I also can’t find any information on how to set this up for Wi-Fi.


So the preloaded demo is https://github.com/WickedDevice/WildFireV4Demo (what’s wrong with the sketch being on GitHub?) but it’s of limited utility in 2019 because data.sparkfun.com has gone belly up. You could host your own phant.io server I guess.

If you install the Arduino Boards Manager package into Arduino, you should get a bunch of libraries that come along for the ride in the Examples menu. The ones you’re going to want to look at are in the ESP8266_AT_Client library which is what is used to do most of the common networking things you’ll want to do. Just follow the instructions under Arduino IDE Setup on wildfire.wickeddevice.com.