Unable to connect to MQTT server


HI Vic et al

I’ve just deleted an old egg that I’d set up on opensensors thinking I could re-set it up myself…but I think it’s caused some problems!

I’ve restored it to default and reconnected it to my wifi, but when it tries to connect to mqtt it gives the error:
Unable to connect to MQTT server

When I try to claim the egg opensensors gives me an error saying “Device not found” so I don’t think I can see it to reset the password and enter into the egg via the serial console.

I suspect you need to re-create it for me on opensensors, as you own the org wd?

The egg ID is egg0080228b5d080140

It’s a v2 egg and was working fine until I tried to fix it!

I’d welcome your check on what’s showing




I think I’ve sorted this. I;'ve re-registered the device

The ID is now 5374 and not egg0080228b5d080140 but I can cope with that
I’m guessing that the initial allocation of an id using something like is a one off script?

It’s ok though I’ve got it running and can see my data


@mking007 glad you got it sorted out. Ya, the Egg is super flexible and you can connect it to any MQTT server, not just OpenSensors. TL;DR: While you are free to change the settings, please be aware that if you customize the MQTT settings of your Egg, ‘restore defaults’ may not behave as you expect it to in all respects.

If you want your Egg to be less “off the beaten path” though, the thing to do is delete your Egg from OpenSensors, then tell us, and have us re-create it in OpenSensors, on your behalf, with its factory password, then do a ‘restore defaults’. Totally up to you though.

One thing to note is that, if you want to keep your new MQTT password, you should execute “backup mqttpwd” (which will overwrite the stored unique factory password) otherwise the next time you do “restore defaults”, among other things, it’s going to re-apply your factory settings (i.e. mqtt_id = serial number, mqttpwd = unique factory password, mqttuser = wickeddevice, etc). We are also happy to tell you your unique factory MQTT password for your device by email if you like, just contact support at wicked device dot com.