Turning off the AQE version 2 lights?


Is there any way or command to turn off the lights that flash when data is uploaded etc?

There’s a green and a red light that flash sporadically - presumably on upload and other events?

If this is a potential new feature, then it would be useful to turn off the display too - perhaps a dark-mode / blackout-mode something like that!?!


Hi @mking007 not much I can do about the LEDs, short of not populating or depopulating them on request (which we are happy to do). It is possible to make it so that the backlight never turns on though. The command for doing so in config mode is:

backlight alwaysoff

The usual caveats apply about changing settings, which is to say, after changing them they will revert if you reset the Egg before exiting config mode and allowing it to start reporting / recording data. If you’re curious, you can type help backlight for details and other options related to the backlight.


Thanks @vicatcu :smiley: