Turner Onner - STILL can't connect, please help


My homeschooled son is not able to connect to the IP address during the last step of building the Turner Onner. He gets an IP address in the serial monitor of the Arduino, but can’t connect - keeps getting an error in the browser. Everything is on the same network. Please, additional help is needed. I posted screen shots in my previous post on the forum.


If you are seeing the IP address from the serial monitor, it means that the device is on the network. If the browser does not work, then the most likely problem is that the Turner Onner is not correctly publishing a web page to the local network. The first thing to make absolutely sure of is that you don’t accidentally have a typo in the code that publishes a web page.


Thank you so much for your help. What can he compare his code to, so that he can check for errors? Doesn’t the arduino software check for errors when it compiles the code? No errors are coming up.


I think @Dirk was suggesting that perhaps something was inadvertently changed in the code from github besides the SSID and password?