Sharing Data Feed?


Is there an easy way to share a specific egg’s data feed? As far as I can tell an account is required, and user must navigate to the egg on a map before it can be accessed.



We’re in the brainstorming phase of thinking about how to support something like this. If you have “pie in the sky” visions for how you would like this to work, we would love to hear them, but notionally we’ve been thinking that it might be possible to implement a “shareable URL” to allow unregistered users to navigate directly to an Egg’s dashboard page (i.e. the one with the gauges).


A shareable URL would be perfect.


@NT1 FYI, the shareable link feature has been rolled out officially! Just log into the portal, navigate to your Air Quality Egg’s detail page and copy the URL. You can share that URL with anyone you like, or you can embed that URL in an i-frame on your website, for example. Let me know how you like it.


Works great - thanks!


Could you guide me how to embed that URL in an i-frame on my website. thanks you.


@NT1 Hi, you should be able to insert it with something like the following…
(substitute your Egg’s URL, which you can obtain by visiting your Egg’s page in the web portal, and copying the URL from the browser address bar). You may need to set the iFrame width and height in your css file, or directly in the iFrame tag, in order to get a correctly sized view.

<iframe src=""></iframe>