Resolving Failed to MQTT server with two eggs


Hi guys,

I have eggs that won resolve mqtt server:




Both have been updated to 2.2.2 firmware, both have blue ESP cards installed. The wifi connection is ok. Any ideas?




Is this behavior consistent across networks or peculiar to a specific network? The implication is that DNS isn’t working on these networks, which may be an issue with some particular make / model of router, but I haven’t encountered that personally. This can possibly happen, I believe, if the network is restrictive in some way, like using a captive portal. In that case you might be granted an IP address by the router, but not have real internet access until you have accepted some terms and conditions through a web browser or something. If that’s the case, you need to get the network administrator of that network to add a rule / exception to bypass this logic for Air Quality Eggs, typically by providing them the MAC address and vouching for the device.


This is not the issue as the network has no restrictions. I’ll double check by trying a different network, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the case.