Query - problem connecting egg to App

Hi! I have inherited an egg from someone (I purchased his air purifier and he gifted it to me). I have connected it to my WiFi (and I just checked, the egg is connected to my WiFi router)… however I appear unable to connect the egg to my App. The serial number of the egg is egg-cbbbb1 and the claim code is cd3ws76w. I am located in HK and am using a VPN (ExpressVPN) in my router that connects to a U.K. based server (I am from the U.K.). Can you please help me with this. Thanks Alex

Hi Alex, it’s a bit hard to triangulate from the information you have provided. For a start, an Egg serial number looks like the word “egg” followed by 16 characters [0-9] + [a-f]. Generally the first three are “008”.

If you use the Egg Serial Configurator desktop application and do some action with it (like set wifi) it will tell you the serial number whether it succeeds or fails. You can download that program from airqualityegg.com/setup.

A basic serial terminal program can tell you the same thing using 11500 baud 8n1 settings. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, forget I said it :slight_smile:.