Power consumption

Hi I’m looking at getting a air quality egg, with particle 03 NO2 and Gps, does anyone have an idea of total power consumption? I would like to use a solar panel for powering so am interested in the required size of panel.

Many Thanks.

The power consumption of an Egg depends, at a first order approximation, on the electronics / sensor payload configuration, and on the operating mode (online or offline). The Egg operates on a 5V power supply, and (just to give a course estimate, without measuring the demand of that particular payload configuration) I would budget about 200mA of current for that payload in offline mode. Perhaps another 100mA of headroom for online mode.

So if I’m doing my math correctly, that would mean a 1W solar panel for Offline mode and a 1.5W solar panel to support online mode. Your mileage may vary :-). I’m probably being overly conservative as well, but again, would have to measure to be sure.