PM Sensor not Responsive


Hi, just received my egg on March 30th 2017.

Temperature and humidity work but not the PM concentration level. Shows 0.1 or 0.7 sometimes 1.0 but most of the time zero.

What do I need to do ?

Thanks a lot,



Hi, Nicolas,

We are sorry you are having difficulty with your Air Quality Egg. We test all the eggs before they ship to make sure they are working properly, but sometimes things get past us. There’s also the chance that something happened in shipping. We are glad to replace the unit if it’s not working-- I will start calibration on a new egg today, and it should be ready to ship by the end of the week.

Please have a look at the troubleshooting steps below, and if you feel like looking inside the egg, follow the instructions provided. Let us know if you see anything that might explain the lack of response from your unit.

Thank you,
Chris Westling
Wicked Device

Because the egg is designed for experimentation, it’s easy to open and examine the insides. In the spirit of troubleshooting the problem, you can try a few things:

  1. unplug your egg from its power source.
  2. (carefully) separate the two halves of the egg so that you can see the electronics inside.
  3. put the egg on the table so that the LCD display is face-down on the right hand side (fig. a)
  4. on the right side of the egg, you can see the 2- red, 2- black and 1- yellow wires going into the green circuit board (fig. b) It’s possible that one of these wires has come loose.
  5. on the left hand side (the particle sensor) the wires terminate in two plastic connectors (fig. c) You might check to see if the connectors are both seated properly.
  6. Close the egg by carefully positioning all the wires inside the housing, making sure to seat the small fan and usb cable in their places (fig. d). Note that the label on the fan should face out. It sometimes helps to get the bottom part of the egg seated first, and work toward the top.
  7. Once the egg is fully closed, you and plug it back into its power source.

The particulate sensor is designed to detect dust, smoke and other small particles as air is drawn into the optical sensor. There is a small heating element inside the sensor that causes air to move within the unit. The fan is an exhaust fan, meaning that air is pulled into the plastic housing from one side only, and is pushed back out of the egg at the bottom via the fan.

The sensor is very sensitive, and you should not blow smoke directly into the unit (or, for example, hold a cigarette near the openings) because that could damage the sensor. Instead, you could burn incense a few feet away, and should see the readings rise as the dispersed smoke particles are detected by the egg. You can also see the readings change slightly when crumpling brown wrapping paper over the unit, or any other material that has small fibers that will separate and float on the air.

fig. a: open Air Quality Egg with sensor on left side:

fig. b: closeup of right side of the egg (electronics):

fig. c: closeup of left side of the egg (sensor):

fig. d: closing the egg


Hi there,

I appreciate your message and support.

I followed the various steps

  • the fan is working properly
  • despit various the tests (moving paper and some dust around) the PM measure hardly moved. Zero to Max 1 to 2 micrograms only

Seems that the calibration may be the issue.

Would be glad to receive another egg as soon as possible.

I was quite annoyed to discover that I had to pay an extra import tax of more than 80 USD to France on the top of the cost of the egg (280 USD) !
Can you make sure that I don’t pay this silly tax for the second egg y labeling it as a “sample” or something of that sort (which is true in this case) ? Much Appreciated,

Much appreciated again,

All the best,



Hi, Nicolas,

I have a replacement egg ready to ship to you-- we’ve tested it extensively and are certain that it is operating correctly. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control about how duties and taxes are levied in other countries, and there are regulations about how we must disclose the nature and the value of the products we sell. The methods commonly used to circumvent these customs charges often have the opposite effect, and can result in serious delays and additional charges. However, since this is a warranty repair, we can file the appropriate forms to notify French customs that you’ve already paid the duties and taxes on the original sale. I’ll send you an email with the paperwork I’ve prepared in case you have problems with the shipment.

Chris Westling
Wicked Device


Thanks Lot. I am looking forward to receiving it and test it in a school with and whithout air filters compared to the oustside air pollution measures as I did here.



Received the second Egg, I really appreciate this great client support service and the cost incurred on your side.
Will test it and come back to you.

All the best,