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Hi, I have a number of eggs, they should be publishing data, I grab the data and have my own visualisation tool, but nothing has been updated since 24th August. I was in touch with, but no reply. Could you look into this? Thanks


Hi! Yes I’ll look into it. As far as I know there’s not a systemic problem with Eggs reporting data at this time.


Of the six Eggs I have associated with you, I can confirm that I don’t see any data stored from the last seven days. One (serial number ending in fd180111) is currently reporting and has data at about one minute resolution over the last week. Do you have physical access to the others? Perhaps their network credentials have expired or something?


Victor, any more new on this?

The fact that the 3 eggs that I’m visualising stopped working
simultaneously (24th Aug, around 5:30am) leads me to believe the problem may not lie with the

If you could let me know, thanks



I agree, I suggested maybe something about the network they are connected to had changed? What else did those Eggs have in common with of another? Nothing has changed on my end since the 24th…


They are connected via separate mobile WIFIs, at 3 different locations 100s of kms apart. Is it possible that problem lies with opensensors? It has happenned before that the data stopped transmitting. I have givent hem an email, but no reply. Maybe you could nudge from your side?


@eiliscoleman this morning I still only see one of your Eggs reporting data. In order for me to be more helpful, I really need to know what’s going on with the physical Eggs. My best guess in the dark is that the Eggs that are not reporting, although they are physically separated by a lot of distance, share Wi-Fi credentials to a common distributed network environment, and that those credentials (or those managed exceptions) have changed. As such, they are sitting there looping trying to unsuccessfully connect to the network. But that is totally speculation since I am getting no signals from them. Perhaps the mobile WI-FI plan has expired and needs to be renewed?

One of your Eggs is however reporting data consistently. Diagnostically, I would ask what is different about that Egg compared to the others that are not reporting?


Hey there, I have just physically got hold of one of the eggs, and now I cannot connect: connecting process times out when attempting to resolve mqtt. Is this unique to my instrument? thanks


Hi Eiliscoleman, I contacted them about this yesterday and Dirk told me the cloud service they use has crashed and they are working to return the service. Hopefully they are able to figure it out soon. I have two aireggs that I can’t get to connect either.


We have been told this will be fixed on/by Wednesday. My apologies for the problem. We are working to make sure it never happens again.


Hello Dirk,
Do you have any updates?


I have reached out to Yodit Stanton (Twitter: @yoditstanton), the CEO of Open Sensors, but have not heard back.


As of last night your device should be connecting fine. Please let me know if this is not the case.