MQTT connect failed


I’m tying to run some eggs consistently for use in an air quality project, but as of yet, I haven’t had much success. Generally, the communication breaks down before we can get a good chunk of data. After configuring So2O3 egg yesterday, this morning it failed to connurect to MQTT server. I know this topic was discussed already (AQEv2 crash loop: unable to connect to MQTT server ... Authentication failed) but I wanted to flag it to maybe increase urgency for ironing out this bug. Further, after following the steps outlined in the quoted topic, my egg is still failing to connect.

I have another question re getting data from api using bash script, but let´s get egg working first.


If you’ve got a red board inside your Egg, we encourage you to contact support at wickeddevice dot com to discuss sending it back for a refurb / upgrade to its Wi-Fi hardware. That being said, the latest firmware available for the red boards is 2.0.8, which you can flash using this Boards Manager URL If you have a blue board inside, then you already have the newer Wi-Fi hardware, and you can flash the latest firmware using this board manager URL: (Over the Air firmware update should work too). You can also always try using Offline mode with an SD card installed, as described here:


Hi victor. Offline is not a good option for me…project requires device to run continuously and publish to server. Can you direct me towards instructions for reflashing? I just reflashed to 2.0.6 before the Mqtt connection failure. Is this failure connected to firmware update? Otherwise, is there cost to get eggs sent back and refurbished? I now have four not working. One due to wireless hardware, three not connecting to Mqtt. I was in touch with customer service about sending back first to fail, but no reply.


@eiliscoleman While it’s not impossible that updating the firmware to the 2.0.8 software baseline could show an improvement, the 2.1.x hardware is fundamentally better. For that reason, I think you’ll have the best possible experience from Air Quality Egg by sending those four units back to us for update operations.

I sincerely apologize that your previous email slipped through the support inbox, I did a search and found your previous email, marked read, but with no reply. Please give us another try via support at wickeddevice dot com and we’ll make arrangements with you.

We would at a minimum ask you to pay the round trip shipping costs, and probably a modest service fee to cover our handling time and replacement hardware. Lets negotiate those details offline.


I got an email from support but I’m confused as to how new wireless technology will enable connection to Mqtt ? Three out of four device s connect to wireless network so in case of those egg, how will updating WiFi hardware solve problem? Or do you plan to do other work on returned devices?


@eiliscoleman while we have them we’ll also put them through our latest calibration process, which includes a temperature characterization process. That process was not available back when we were shipping 2.0.x hardware.

The newer Wi-Fi hardware (and the software that goes with it) is more stable than the original, which is why I think it will solve the problem. Having the units here will also allow us to demonstrate that they can connect to our network and report data to OpenSensors over a sustained period of time before shipping them back to you.