Making the Wildfire v4 work with


Hi there!
As we all know, the sparkfun Phant servers have been out of commission for a while.
My goal is to get the Wildfire v4 to work with using the Adafruit IO REST client library (see this link). I’m relatively experienced at working with Arduino-ish platforms, however, I’m new at working with the ESP8266. Does anyone know if the Wildfire might work directly, or will I have to tweak the ESP8266 firmware?
Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!


It should work directly, just use the library I wrote that talks to the AT command firmware as a Client,

Check out the examples folder. I should probably add an HTTP post example, but you can get the gist of how to do that from the sketch I wrote a while back to talk to SparkFun’s data service.

Actually you might consider just forking that and submitting a pull request to make it talk to :-). That’s what we used to pre-load onto shipped WildFires.

Sounds like that should get you most of the way there, but please let me know if you get stuck!