How does one download data now for real time


Title says it all really, fed up of seeing 0 on home page

How does one download data now for real time display on website, was working when opensensors but not now


Hi @smokie, probably the easiest way to get what you’re looking for is to go to and fill out the form to get emailed with CSV data. You can then either plot that in your own tools, or you can drop the CSV file into the web tool we put up here at

If you want to see real-time data plotted in the browser with a bit less flexibility, you should use https://, log into that using Google Chrome (only browser supported right now, but we’re working on changing that).

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to Claim Your Egg. Under the side menu ‘hamburger’ in the upper left, click Explore Eggs, then click on the “My Eggs” segment in the middle top of the page, and then click on the big green plus sign in the lower right corner and enter the serial number and claim code. If it doesn’t show up under my Eggs, you may need to restart the browser and/or log out and back in (again we are working on fixes). Once it’s listed under “My Eggs” you can click on the Egg’s icon, and in the upper right hand corner of the page you can find an icon that looks like a heartbeat. Click it and you’ll see real-time graphs for that Egg. Clicking on “Change Duration” in the upper right hand corner on that page will let you change the time scale from 15 minutes to a week.

We’re hard at work making this whole experience a bit more streamlined, but one of those two methods should get you where you want to be.

If you want to integrate data onto your own website, currently I have created a lightweight API, and access to it is basically by request. You can read the docs at, and just let me know by emailing support at wickeddevice dot com if you are interested in that.


OK, had a quick look baffled by this jwt Authorization vicatcu


Would like to explore with you how to make it more accessible. Do you have any suggestions?


An easy set up guide or perhaps a widget we could put on web site would be great


Sorry for the long cycle in replying. You can think of JWT as a way to get an new “API key” (called a token in this context) on request using your username and password, and once you get one it’s good for a period of time. If you get an “Unauthorized” response from an API request, it generally means it’s time to request a fresh token. I want to lower the barrier to entry for this stuff, but it’s a balancing act of not compromising security and resiliency goals in the process.

Perhaps you can point me to an example of some other service that does what you want well so I can take a look at emulating / taking inspiration from a good approach rather than trying to invent it from soup to nuts?


Do you have any sample php code to retrieve data using JWT, I’m stuck

3rd attempt email keeps bounced back


Sure, I have some PHP experience and can try and help with that. Will have to wait till later today or tomorrow though. I can also just private message you your JWT token to get you started.