Claim code for eggs


How do I obtain claim code for eggs? I don’t recall seeing a claim code in the documentation. Thanks


All new Eggs ship with a claim code in the box. For Eggs which pre-date the process, you just send us an email via support at wickeddevice dot com with the serial numbers you want to obtain claim codes for, and we verify your ownership and send you a claim code back. At this time, claiming an Egg allows you to assign it an alias and a location (if the Egg itself is not reporting position) through the phone app and web portal. You can also view real-time graphs through the web portal for Eggs that you have claimed. In the future we may implement additional features that require that you claim an Egg.


Hello! I have an original egg that has been sitting dormant for many years. While I understand (and have since v1) the calibration issues, I’d like to put it online. Is there a process to claim these original eggs? I did have it on the first platform, just took out offline a while back. Where would I find these serial numbers? I’m not sure I have the original packaging or any documentation related to it. Are the numbers somewhere on the boards inside the egg?


Hi Luis, good to hear from you and hope you are well! In version 1 we used Ethernet MAC addresses as serial numbers. Unfortunately, Xively ended support for the “personal” service on which v1 relied in mid-2017, and we stopped development of Nanode in favor of using Wifi. so there is no supported pathway to getting v1 Eggs running on the backend platform we have since developed in house.

The hardware should all still work and be programmable in Arduino, but it would be a fair bit of work to get it building and running with a new backend data service certainly.

At any rate, new Eggs can be purchased from our website at I’m looking forward to what 2018 will bring in new development!


Hey Victor!

Yes, I figured this would probably be the case! I just wanted to get some indoor humidity and slapped myself when my gaze went over to Amazon when I have a bunch of DHT22s laying about as well as a perfectly good AQE.

Fair enough.
If I am not mistaken, this is the latest code to run on the ‘base egg’ and this is the latest code to run on the ‘remote egg’. Is this the firmware that shipped with the original eggs? If so, I can mess around enough to at least get a local reading and with enough time, maybe post to opensensors[dot]io.


Yes I believe those links are correct for v1 firmware. You might be better served trying to port to something like adafruit dot io rather than open sensors dot io, as osio have also closed off their services from what I understand. Luckily we were able to overcome that transition this time around because I was able to include OTA update functionality in v2.

'Kickstarter' Eggs

Ok. Thanks for the heads up!


In the same boat here, if you find a use for yours, I’d love to hear about it. It’s a shame, hardware really shouldn’t become obsolete so quickly.


@jakedambergs Luis has updated the original code to include new endpoints here: