Cant Register egg serial number!?


Hello everyone,

I am using the air quality sensor for a project at university in my final year, I got it all connected to my router after a few hiccups but I can’t seem to register the egg on the website for the data collection.

I noticed the quick response time to similar issues like this and was hoping for some assistance.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @crawfordrenwick, it’s not just you, Xively seems to be broken in some significant way… I can’t say for certain, at the moment, when the website will be functional again. That being said, using that website is ‘non-essential’ to the use of the Egg. You can download all your Egg data from and you can see an experimental dashboard view of your Egg at There’s also a (partial) map of (v2) Eggs at At some point in the not-too-distant future I will basically be replacing the contents of with something like this.


@crawfordrenwick I dug in and fixed it, try it now? If you can’t register it, let me know the serial number in a private message and I should be able to get you set up.