Bluetooth instead of R/C OmniBot- Kiwi Robot


Hi there,
I have just purchased the Omnibot kit, loved the project. Thank you for your great tutorial!
I want to use the robot for research purposes, I am a cognitive scientist at Cornell. To this end, I need/I would like to control the robot via Bluetooth as opposed to R/C. The main reason is that I must control the robot through an app of pre-recorded motion behaviors to run experiments.
My questions are: would you advise to use the current setup with Bluetooth? Would you advise to use another motor shield?
Any input helps. I have with little/no experience in electronics, so I am in the dark :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Hi Zagadaga,

I’m glad you like the product. First, we are literally right around the corner from Cornell, and currently have CU interns working for us. To your question: If you use a Bluetooth module which uses pins which are not used by the motor shield, it should work fine. This page: contains all the info that you need to evaluate this and select an appropriate module. You will also need to modify the sketch - it is open source and also on that page.


Hi Dirk,
thank you for your reply. Wow, nice that you are on campus.We will try to figure out and probably get back with more questions. Thanks


Do you know if there is a way to contact somebody at Wicked Device? We are running into some problems with the motor shield. The motor shield does not power anymore, despite the fact that 6.5 V of power gets in. We are wondering if the motor shield is broken.


Hi. You can contact me at