Automatically downloading data from AQE2


Hi, I would like to be able to automatically download data from my AQE2 to a computer (prefably a Raspberry PI). Is there some way of doing this please?

Thanks, Robbie



Yes, that’s something you can do. There are a few ways I can imagine for setting this kind of thing up, depending on what your goals are, and how savvy you are with setting up softwares. If your Raspberry Pi and your Air Quality Egg are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can theoretically:

  • set up an MQTT Server (like mosquitto) to run on your Raspberry Pi
  • configure your network to reserve an IP address for your Raspberry Pi
  • run a Python, NodeJS, Node RED or whatever software on the Pi to ingest MQTT data and store it or whatever (Node RED seems like a pretty cool way to do it)
  • configure your Egg to publish MQTT data to the Pi directly (using the mqttsrv command)

Alternatively, you can:

  • let the Egg do what it does naturally (talking to
  • set up an account for yourself to “create a device” to represent your Pi.
  • use the Pi to subscribe to the topics of interest published by the Egg from the MQTT broker using whatever software frameworks you like (Python, NodeJS, Node RED, etc).

Alternatively, if you’re not into the whole MQTT thing, you could:

I don’t have a turn key answer for you, but the Egg is very flexible in this regard compared to pretty much any other related technology I know of. Does this give you enough to go on?


Hi Vivatcu,

There is certainly enough to go on. Looks difficult but I now have three possibilities - better than none !!


When I have sorted it out, I’ll re-post my solution …