AQE v2 offline SD card


I have a question re. the offline data logging package.

  1. Do you know how many days / hours it takes to fill up the SD card if the sampling is left at the default rates?

  2. What does the software do if the SD card is full? Does it over-write the oldest records?



Hi @mking007, we install 4GB SD cards. If we coarsely approximate that a CSV record is 96 bytes (it’s actually less I think), then that is room for 2^32 / (3x2^5)= 2^27/3, or over 44 million records. At default 5 second logging rates, that should last over 7 years. That is incidentally about how long the RTC coin battery should last add well.


Cheers @vicatcu :smile:

Just what I wanted to hear!