AQE firmware update


I’ve got an AQE v2 which says it has 2.1.8 firmware when it boots up.

I have 2 other AQE v2s which were bought later and they both have firmware 2.1.9

Should the other egg upgrade its firmware to 2.1.9 when it does a check at bootup?

Should I upgrade the firmware manually myself?


@mking007 The official baseline right now is 2.1.8. We’ve started shipping some Eggs with 2.1.9 release candidate software and will push an official 2.1.9 update probably within the next month. Eggs that currently display 2.1.9 will also automatically update to the official 2.1.9 when we do that, and you’ll know they took the update based on the “compiled on” date shown under the banner in the Serial Monitor.

I’m trying to decide what I can squeeze in before snapping the baseline, and one thing that’s high-ish on my list is a compromise to display values on the LCD in offline mode.


Thanks for the clarification @vicatcu

FWIW that feature would be great, but I’d ask for it to be a toggle on-off feature as there are definitely times when offline mode should be using less power and should be a bit quieter in visual terms! :stuck_out_tongue: