Angular Clock - I dont get it


I got the angular clock kit set up and running but I dont understand the part about setting the deflection or what that even means. What I do know is that the hour hand is typically not lined up correctly and the time appears to be an hour behind because the needle isn’t going past where it needs to be. I tried hooking it up to the arduino IDE and the instructions say to watch the serial monitor and that it will prompt you to use the knob on the rear of the clock and adjust the hour and minute meters to specific locations. What in the world does that mean exactly? Specific locations? All the serial monitor does is echo and increment the time one second at a time. What am I supposed to be doing here exactly? How do i fix the issue of the hours not lining up?


Hey thanks for your question! The angular clock firmware has a mode you can engage during startup which allows you to fine-tune the needle position for each hour as well as for minutes.

When you open the Arduino Serial Monitor you should see a message that states “Type any key and to enter meter adjustment mode”, so you can, for example, type ‘asdhf’ into the text input box at the top of the Serial Monitor then hit the Send button to engage this mode. You should then be prompted to use the knob to adjust the hours and minutes meter positions to a variety of calibration set points.

In this mode, the needle positions will respond to twisting the knob in either direction. When you have positioned the needle where you want it in response to a prompt, it asks you to type a space into the text input box at the top of the Serial Monitor then hit the Send button in order to advance to the next calibration position.

You only need to perform this procedure once in principle, and the settings are stored and will persist through power cycles. Hopefully this answer is helpful, but please feel free to ask for clarification if I’ve been unclear in any way.


Looks like I didn’t enter enough letters for it to trigger the alignment routine. Got it to work. Thanks! BTW, I didn’t catch what sort of battery I need for the clock? What size/type is required?

Also, are there any example sketches around that would alllow me to add some LEDs to the clock? Would be cool to integrate some neopixels or something.