Airquality Egg v 2.0 Offline Mode - Showing Readings on Display


Is there a command to replace the default display message “Logging data to SD card” with the actual readings in offline mode? I found a related thread on GG (!topic/airqualityegg/2j9S3jIfErc) promising such featute after V 2.0.6 (I have 2.1.9).


@AbedKhooli there’s not such a command presently, and I have clearly been remiss about implementing it. I still plan to, I literally just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Technically I haven’t pushed 2.1.9 to the masses yet, even though new Eggs are currently shipping with a beta-release version of it. Maybe I can roll this in before officially releasing it into the wild.

The problem with an aspect oriented change like this, having 5 distinct firmware baselines (i.e. one per sensor model), means I have to make changes in all the baselines to implement it.

I’m just going to make a note to myself here that this chunk of code would need the setLCD_P calls factored out of it, and over to somewhere in here. And blocks of code like this would need to be refactored out of online mode (or otherwise duplicated in offline mode). In principle, updating the display and (writing to SD card, or publishing to the internet) should be separate concerns, they are just a bit tangled up at the moment.


So, in plain English, does this mean that such functionality won’t be available before the end of this year?
In offline operation, users usually don’t have serial connection and the display becomes very essential.


@AbedKhooli, I agree with you that the feature is important. I think I can incorporate it before the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted here.


@AbedKhooli I’m letting the cat out of the bag a little early here, but firmware version 2.2.0 officially has this feature in it, and I’m excited so I wanted to let you know.

If you want to try it ahead of it being pushed over the air (which is still TBD but probably withing the next two weeks), I put an Arduino Boards Manager package up using if you are itching to try it, I recommend loading it using Arduino 1.6.9 (available from here ) following these instructions. I haven’t tried with the newest versions of Arduino,

Otherwise you can just wait for the update to go out to everyone and you should get it automatically by restarting your Egg(s), while connected to the internet of course.


In case anyone was experimenting with pre-release. I’ve just uploaded a new zip file. If you’ve already installed it you’ll need to purge it from your Arduino environment (i.e. delete the package json file and zips from staging and packages folders in your app data / arduino15 folder), then re-install.


Thanks Vic. I replied to the email b4 I noticed it was a no-reply address but I did update two devices I had (both with microSD cards, one NO2/CO and other is PM). Update went fine and can see version 2.2.
For offline mode, it seems data is logged to the card every 10 minutes (PM egg quick observation) - that is when the display says ‘logging data to sd card’. When readings are displayed on LCD (v2.2 feature), data is probably just shown and not logged. Can you please check the code?


@AbedKhooli yes I see the flaw in my logic now. Thanks very much for trying it out and letting me know about the problem! FYI, this release will alter the default reporting / logging interval to 1 minute, so if you want to log at higher time resolution, you’ll have to go into the terminal mode and re-apply the sampling command to your desired settings. And in offline mode, every 10th reporting period (including the initial one), it will report the “Logging to SD Card” message on the LCD screen.


So, will there be a 2.2.1 json file to replace the current one any time soon?


Yes I’m working on it presently in fact. Just want to test the change a little more thoroughly than last time :wink: … I should have been a little more clear, I’m expecting to have a 2.2.1 package available for testing by about 6:00pm Eastern Time today (or sooner if things go well). In any case I’ll post back here when it’s ready.


@AbedKhooli I had something come up and it’s going to be later than 6, but I am still hoping to get this out later tonight sometime. So basically, watch out for a new candidate Monday morning.


@AbedKhooli OK, is available and I’m running it on a bunch of units (16) over night to re-confirm stability. If you get a chance to run it on a couple of your units and give me the :thumbsup: or not that would be reassuring :smile: before I pull the trigger on OTA.


Thanks Vic. Updated my two microSD units (PM and NO2) to 2.2.1 and both seem OK. So, it’s a go from my side.
What about egg dashboard (online charts)? Is it done and just needs a server restart? Still shows the note from April 27th.


Abed, that’s great to hear! Re-constituting the dashboard capability is next up on my radar. Hopefully by the end of the week.


@AbedKhooli Just wanted to make sure you got the message that the realtime graphs functionality has finally been integrated into